Recycling of packaged foodstuff

Depackaging of food waste

Why choose for Recupal-West for depackaging of food waste?

  • We are a passionate family business with care for the environment.
  • Save yourself money and choose for a positive company image.
  • Reliability, flexibility, and service are at the centre point for us, because of this, we can deliver excellent quality.

Recycling of packaged foodstuffs

Recupal-West recycles both liquid food and dry products, thanks to various depackaging lines. We offer the suitable solution in order to take each packaged food product from its packaging.

A few examples of depackaging of food waste :

  • Yoghurt in plastic or glass
  • Milk bottles
  • Sauces in tubes or bottles
  • Cookies & chocolate in aluminium or plastic

We offer you always the most durable solution for your food products, packaged, or loose bulk materials.

The manufacturer/wholesaler/supermarket/ insurance agency or other client hereby receives a certificate of destruction.

If you have questions or would like to know more about our environmentally friendly and reliable processes of food products please contact us.