Recycling of packaged foodstuff

Food waste depackaging, food waste processing & food waste recovery

At Recupal-West you are at the right address for the processing of packaged and unpackaged food products that are no longer suited for human consumption. These are processed in a professionally responsible way into qualitatively high-grade fodder or into raw material for fermentation installations, all in accordance with current legislation.

Food waste recovery, it is possible !

By fermenting various food products, biogas is created which is transferred through a cogeneration installation into durable warmth and durable electricity - also known as "green energy 
Recycling of packaged foodstuffs / food waste
Recupal-West recycles both liquid food and dry products, thanks to various unpacking lines.

We offer the suitable solution in order to take each packaged food product from its packaging.
We offer you always the most durable solution for your food products, packaged, or loose bulk materials.

The manufacturer/wholesaler/supermarket/ insurance agency or other client hereby receives a certificate of destruction.

If you have questions or would like to know more about our environmentally friendly and reliable processes of food products please contact us.